Epic Questing for Loot now Live

After what seems like an eternity in beta, Ubisoft’s Epic Quest for Mighty Loot has finally hit official release. The game, which is an entertaining combination of Dungeon Keeper and Diablo has been playable for quite some time in it’s unfinished state. According to Ubisoft the extended beta period allowed them to firmly cement the game’s period, humor and mechanics all the while improving the final product.

For us the Beta phases of the game served as a way to continue iterating and forging the direction of the game,” said Quentin Gallet, executive producer. “Now that the core gameplay and tone are locked in, we’re focused on continuing to collaborate with our community to build upon this direction and refine what we have created. The Mighty Quest will receive regular updates with new features and with our community’s help it will continue to grow and improve.” 

In what is a move no doubt inspired by the growing hatred of free to play The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is offering an “Infinite Pack” for the price of $25 US. This pack basically includes everything the game has to offer forever making the free to play version basically a big demo. It is easy to see that most would agree this is a good move and it could be the key to this quirky game’s success. If you are not sure on this one you can check out the launch trailer below.

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