Set your alarm for Clockwork

Today Gamesoft, A brand spanking new Australian Dev has announced its debut game. That game is Clockwork and the developers are promising a beautiful, atmospheric 2D platform adventure. They are also touting a touching, melancholy narrative experience supported by challenging time-manipulation puzzles. All that boils down to a puzzle platformer but I personally like how they described it, seems much more enticing don’t you think?

CEO of Gamesoft Vishal Gumber spoke about his team and the game. He said “Tucked away in the busy lanes of Sydney’s oldest suburb, the talented team at Gamesoft has worked tirelessly for the last eight months on this mind-boggling game. Clockwork is by no means an indie game, even though it is Gamesoft’s debut. Our young team is ready to take on the best of AAA when Clockwork releases later this year.” Which is without doubt a very ambitious statement but the confidence of his words hold promise for the title’s release.

At this point in time we don’t know too much about the game but expect that to change soon with the game being shown at GDC 2015 in playable form. The game is due for release later this year on PC, Xbox One and PS4. If you are interested be sure to check out the announcement trailer below


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