Dambuster fighting the Homefront

Dambuster fighting the Homefront

In surprising news it seems that the Homefront franchise isn’t dead just yet. After Homefront: The Revolution was announced by Crytek but then unceremoniously sold when they hit financial trouble many assumed that would be the last we heard of the game.

But franchise owners Deep Silver have come to the rescue with a brand new studio to take the reigns on the project. Dambuster Studios has been created to take control of the Homefront franchise and take it forward for a 2016 release. The studio consists of many of the employees who lost their job when Crytek sold the franchise so they are at least familiar with the work that has already gone into the game.

From early reports Homefront: The Revolution was looking to be quite a different game from the predecessor, replacing the COD-like single player with more of an open world, Far Cryesque game. This route seems to hold much more promise than simply another war shooter so let’s hope Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios can put it all together and release a quality product.


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