Half Life 2 is bringing sexy back

Half Life 2 is bringing sexy back

How do you make one of the best games ever just that little bit better? Well you don’t tinker with the gameplay or the story that’s for sure. Change the sound? No that wouldn’t work either. Guess that just leaves making it a little bit prettier and guess what? That is exactly what happened.

A new Valve approved Half Life 2 mod will be available tomorrow (well tonight sometime) that enhances the graphics and fixes a number of small bugs. The biggest changes come in the form of enhanced textures and dramatically improved lighting. What is best of all is the update is completely free (Well you need to own HL2 but seriously who doesn’t?)

The update can be downloaded directly from the Steam Store and it may just be the reason you need to play through this classic for the 14th time or if perhaps you have been living in an Amish commune for the majority of your life and never got to experience the excellence of HL2 then now is the perfect time.  Check out the comparison trailer below to see some great examples of the changes that have been made.

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