News Bites – Wednesday the 18th of March 2015

So much news to share in so little time. That is where the Player2 News Bites comes in. All the hot topics in small easy to chew pieces. 

News Bites – Wednesday the 18th of March 2015

– Nintendo have announced that they are finally caving into demand and are licencing their characters for use in mobile gaming. The big N announced a deal with DeNA games, makers of some fairly decent yet horribly free-to-play mobile games. This deal will give DeNA the ability to use Nintendo’s massive backlog of popular characters in brand new mobile games. Nintendo also stated there will be no ports of existing games to mobile devices.


– Nintendo have also announced that they are working on a new device. Nothing really is known except A) It is called the NX which is probably a code name and B) EB ARE ALREADY TAKING PRE-ORDERS. Remember friends don’t let friends put pre-orders down on non-existent products.

– Sydneysiders will want to check out Bonus Stage, a monthly live talk show in the vein of The Daily Show but with a focus on video games. It is getting some pretty big names to host to with Jordan Raskopoulos  of the Axis of Awesome (If you haven’t, checking out the 4 Chord Song is a must), Super tech presenter and Cosplay legend Rae Johnston and Seaton Kay-Smith star of ABC2’s cracking stab at politics “The Roast.” To grab tickets, check out times or just see what the hell it is all about head here.


Humble Bundle has come up with the goods again. They have a new pack of games featuring titles that can be played on both PC and Android devices. The pack includes such cracking titles as Costume Quest and Shadowrun Returns so if you haven’t already got the games head over to Humble Bundle now and feel good about your gaming dollars going to a top cause.


– Members of the original Banjoo Kazooie development team will turn to Kickstarter to help create a “Spiritual Sequel” to the much loved classic currently named Project Ukulele. The Kickstarter campaign should go live in May and help the newly formed team Playtonic to add some polish to the final product. Playtonic have stated the game will be released regardless of Kickstarter success, the funding campaign will however allow it to become something a little bit more. With a chronic shortage of 3D platformers these days this has a real chance to become quite a hit.


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