The Terry Campese Foundation

The Terry Campese Foundation

You may have noticed a new addition to the site on the right so I thought I would explain what it is all about.

The Terry Campese Foundation exists to help those that need it most in the Queanbeyan and Southern NSW regions. Crisis housing, break-the-cycle programs, hospital needs, and the financially disadvantaged are just some of the areas that the TCF focuses on.

Terry has used his public profile to start this foundation and in the 5 years or so I have been involved in a small way with the foundation they have raised massive amounts of money that has gone to local children’s programs, Ronald McDonald house, Hospitals and suffering children all around the ACT and Southern NSW regions.

So here at Player2, we are not going to nag you about supporting Terry and his foundation, we are simply putting the link there in case you would like to check it out and maybe help out in some small way.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out.


Matt Hewson

Editor –

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