Windows gets its game on

Windows gets its game on

Microsoft recently announced it’s intentions to claw back some love on the PC platform with the release of Windows 10. A host of new features has been announced to encourage gamers to embrace the newest version of windows. Perhaps the most exciting is the ability to stream Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC. This is perfect for those with loved ones or children who are demanding TV time but still want to get their game on.

Other interesting features include cross play and save features for supported titles, DVR implementation, Xbox Live Gold (at no extra cost) and access to the Xbox Live Azure services. Expect Microsoft exclusive titles to jump on board with these features and push the cross platform play. Fable Legends is one of the first to support cross save functionality meaning that saves will carry over from PC to Xbox.

The cherry on top of this is that Microsoft is offering Windows 10 for free to any user of Windows 7, or 8. This makes the whole upgrade processes infinitely more inviting and should hopefully mean that Microsoft has a massive market of gamers to work with.

Windows 10 should be released sometime in the American Fall.

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