Australian STEM Video game challenge

Australian STEM Video game challenge

Any parents out there who have children that are interested in game design? If so then the Australian STEM Video games challenge may be perfect for them. The challenge is open to students from year 5 all the way to year 12 and there are multiple group and individual categories for students to enter.

The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge aims to use game design to increase interest and participation in science, technology, engineering and maths by all students across the nation, but particularly girls and students from low socioeconomic areas. The games will be developed using open source software such as Gamemaker and Unity to ensure as many students as possible can enter the competition.

Registration is open now and closes on the 19th of June. Head over to the STEM games website to register, get more information or check out last year’s winners. Hopefully this is the first step in beginning the career of the next Tim Schafer, Cliffy B or Hideo Kojima.


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