In Case You Missed It – Syndicate (2012)

Sometimes a game just slips under the radar. Whatever the reason for this occurring, be it bad marketing, classification problems or a strange concept, some games just fail to find their audience. Here at we want to highlight these rough gems and that is where “In Case You Missed It” comes in. Some games just deserve a second chance.

In Case You Missed It – Syndicate (2012)

Released in 2012, Syndicate had a rough road upon release. Using the treasured name Syndicate for a FPS shooter was perhaps its biggest hurdle. The original Syndicate games are held in high esteem for their isometric tactical action so when it was announced the reboot was going to be a fast paced FPS, fans were already upset with the game. The second major problem the game suffered was it was never actually released in Australia due to its content. This was in pre R18+ days and at the time the ability to force enemies to commit suicide was deemed too harsh to allow an MA15+ rating.


These two major issues caused most of the Australia public to miss what is a great First Person Shooter. If the game was called anything else it is easy to see it getting a lot more positive press then it did. Developed by story based FPS masters Starbreeze, Syndicate is set in a future where the world is run by multinational conglomerates and players take the role of Kilo, an agent of espionage for one such company. This is a future where the rich and powerful have been upgraded with nano chips that enhance abilities and in the case of Kilo these abilities make the game. Controlling minds, enhancing reflexes, manipulating computers and overloading shields are just some of the abilities that Kilo can use as he fights his way through this corporate controlled future.


The game still looks great to this day and the story is satisfying, if a little clichéd. What helps proceedings is Starbreeze managed to get some serious voice talent for the key roles in the game. Brian Cox, Rosario Dawson and Michael Wincott all play key parts in the story and it is these recognisable voices that add significant gravitas to what could otherwise be a forgettable sci/fi romp.

In the end, despite the game having nothing to do with the Syndicate of old, this is a highly entertaining first person shooter. The game can be obtained quite easily through overseas retailers or CD Key sites and it is worth the extra trouble to get a hold of. Great shooting, excellent level design, entertaining story and some solid visuals all meld together to form a game that will satisfy FPS fans everywhere. Strategy fans of old however need not apply.


Matt Hewson

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