A Surprise Bundle

A Surprise Bundle

Here at Player2 we love the work that the Humble Bundle is doing. Helping people in need and getting games to gamers. It is a beautiful thing. We also like the games that Surprise Attack have a hand in. In fact you would have seen quite a few reviews of Surprise Attack games on the site. So we thought that when a Surprise Attack Humble Bundle came a long it was worth a bit of an extra song and dance.

Vertiginous Golf - Where steampunk meets minigolf
Vertiginous Golf – Where steampunk meets minigolf

The pack includes the follow games that have received coverage from Player2. The excellent Druid’s Duel, The interesting Oscura Last Light and the challenging and strange Vertiginous Golf. Along with these games there is we loved titles such as Screencheat and OTTTD. So what are you waiting for head over to Humble and grab this great pack and at the same time help out Oxfam and Save the Children.

Druid’s Duel – Cracking turn based fun

Gaming and Charity…. it is a beautiful thing.


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