Do you feel the need?

Do you feel the need? 

Need for Speed is back. As mentioned in yesterday’s news post the next game in the Need for Speed franchise was due to be unveiled, and unveiled it has been. The new game is simply called Need for Speed for the time being and is being touted as a complete reboot for the venerable franchise.

The game is said to take a lot of cues from the Underground titles but at this stage it doesn’t share that title. The game promises an open world, tuning, hundreds of official cars and a deep narrative. Yup you read that right, Need for Speed is getting a story that developer Ghost Games promises to drive you (sorry about the bad pun) through the game.

The last few Need for Speed games have felt a little bit behind the times, especially with titles like Forza Horizon 2 moving into their traditional territory so it is good to see that the developers have taken extra time with this game and are looking at starting a fresh in many ways. The question remains will the grandaddy of console racing be able to stay fresh or will it be left behind by newer, faster models. Only time will tell. Expect more Need for Speed news to come out of E3

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