GammaCon 2015

GammaCon 2015

So I have just returned home from a day at GammaCon, the Canberra based pop culture show. I had heard through the grapevine that some great locally developed indie games were being shown so I thought I would check it out. Boy were the rumours correct. The games on show were all developed by local Canberra based developers and were universally exciting and interesting. So much so that I have decided to run some interviews and features on the games in the coming weeks.

As for the show its self it is far from the behemoth that is Supanova but it is all the better for it. The smaller venue allowed for a much more intimate experience and I found it easy to talk to the developers and staff in this relaxed atmosphere. It seems that Canberra agrees with me because if what I saw was holds true the event is attracting a great number of people through the door.

To give you a taste of what I saw check out the trailers below of just some of the games I got to play and stay tuned for more info. Despite the closure of 2K Australia the Canberra development scene is thriving and these are definitely games you should be looking out for.




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