Spend E3 with Player2

Spend E3 with Player2

It is under a month until the crazy hype laden fun of E3 begins and we thought perhaps you might be wondering what Player2 is doing to mark the occasion. As this is our first E3 we will be making quite the song and dance about the world’s largest video game conference. In the lead up to the event our writers will be having fun with their own E3 predictions and letting you know what they think will and wont make an appearance. Our first ever Podcast, which is being recorded at the end of the month, will also focus on what we think is going to happen at E3 (and basically just reveling in the hype of the event).

KoToR 3 is coming! I am sure of it! Please....
KoToR 3 is coming! I am sure of it! Please….

As for the actual show our editor is building up his stock of strong coffee and cans of V so he can live tweet all  the conferences. After the event he will also be putting together some handy summaries on the site for those that can’t join the live tweet-athon with him. Of course we will be putting up as many trailers, news posts and impressions as we can to make sure you stay up with all the news from the show.

So make sure you are following us on Twitter and stay tuned to Player2.net.au for our own unique take on E3.

Check out the conference times (all in Australian Eastern Standard Time) below.

  • Bethesda: 11:00 am, Monday, 15 June
  • Microsoft: 2.30 am, Tuesday, 16 June
  • EA: 6.00 am, Tuesday, 16 June
  • Sony: 11.00 am, Tuesday, 16 June
  • Nintendo: 2.00 am, Wednesday, 17 June
  • Square Enix: 3.00 am, Wednesday, 17 Jun

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