Nintendo E3 2015 Presentation Wrap Up

Nintendo E3 2015 Presentation Wrap Up

Star Fox Zero

A good chunk of the latest Star Fox game, titled Zero, was shown with plenty of gameplay footage. The game will use the screen on the Wii U controller as a cockpit view while the behind ship view will be on the TV screen. The game will also use the built in gyro to incorporate motion control into the game. Hopefully it isn’t terrible or at least can be turned off. The game is coming later this year


So there was a cool little demo of two new Amiibos that will also work in the new Skylanders game. Donky Kong and Bowser are both getting special figures that will function as both a Skylander and an Amiibo by simply twisting the base of the toy to change mode. Interesting concept at the very least


A new Zelda game was announced for the 3DS. It is called The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes. It is a 3 player dungeon crawler/puzzler that requires team work to get through. There will be AI characters for solo players. It bears some similarities to the recent isometric Lara Croft games. Release date is simply this year.

There was also the announcement that Hyrule Warriors is coming to the 3DS with all of the DLC and some new characters from Wind Waker. This is probably a good move as short burst gameplay suits this style of game to a tee. Hyrule Warriors Legends is coming to the 3DS earls 2016


A new Metroid Prime game was announced for the 3DS. Title Federation Force the game is once again a FPS but from the short trailer not much else is known. It was also revelead that Blast Ball, the game Nintendo showed at their championship event a few days ago is also a Metroid game and will release with Federation Force.

Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom series had two games on show and both looked…. well bad. The first was a Sims style game called Animal Crossing Home Designer and the second a party game called Amiibo Festival. I am pretty sure that Animal Crossing fans didn’t ask for this.

Yoshi’s Woolly World

There was a good chuck of the new Yoshi game on display. The gameplay features everything you would expect from a Yoshi platforming game but now with an insanely cute woolly make over. What is interesting to note is that while the game comes out in Australia next week it isn’t releasing in the US until October. Strange.


3 Mario titles on show this year. The first is Paper Mario/Mario & Luigi crossover called paper jam. It looks to be a nice combination of the two games and is sure to please fans.

The Second game is a new Mario Tennis title called Ultra Smash for the Wii-U. It looks, well like Mario Tennis.

Finally the big one Super Mario Maker, the inspired Mario 2d platforming level creator. This game has some massive potential and as long as it is all easy to use I can see this one taking over from Minecraft for my kids.

The Rest

A Western release for Xenoblade Chronicles X was announced. The game will be hitting the US just before Christmas. A new Fire Emblem game was briefly shown, the full name Fire Emblem Fates. No further information is offered.

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