Sony E3 2015 Conference Wrap Up

Sony E3 2015 Conference Wrap Up

The Last Guardian

It was finally shown. Does anything more need to be said? There was a good chunk of gameplay on display and it looks interesting. There doesn’t seem to be much difference in the look of the game since the last time it was shown but that didn’t matter at all to the millions watching. The trailer ended with 2016 indicating it is coming next year but surely I am not the only one that is a little skeptical about that.

Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Guerrilla Games, creators of Killzone, showed off a new game called Horizon: Zero Dawn> It looks to be a third person action game set in a distant future. The game has echoes, visually at least, of Enslaved and the main character seems to be a female hunter from a caveman style tribe. Throw in some cool looking robot enemies and we have ourselves a party. No release date on this one though.


A cinematic trailer for Hitman was shown as well. First look at the new game. Not much info, only the news that there would be a PS4 beta at some point. More info likely at the Square conference tomorrow

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter had a surprisingly small showing at E3. There was a short video of two unannounced characters, Birdie and Cammy, and that was it. It looks like fun but I am not the best person to comment on the differences. There is a beta coming July 23rd.

No Mans Sky

This was one many had been waiting for and we finally got to see it in action and not just a pre recorded demo. It is worth watching but in a nutshell it showed some ship and ground based combat, traversing the universe and discovering items on planets. It is a highly ambitious game but I feel we still know too little about it. No release date was given to much disappointment


Media Molecule were next with a game that once again encourages creativity. The game is called Dreams and it it has something to do with manipulation other’s dreams and creating your own. Not much in the way of gameplay shown but it sure looked amazing. One for the content creators out there to keep an eye on.

Final Fantasy

A new PS4/Vita exclusive game called Final Fantasy World was shown. Not much to report on it though apart from that it uses a graphical style similar to the tactics game. The big Final Fantasy news came after that with the announcement of a Final Fantasy VII HD remake. Fans everywhere went ballistic at the news that arguably the best Final Fantasy game is getting a sexy new coat of paint. This is coming to Ps4 first but no word on when. Also the wording indicates that it will be going to other systems at some point.

Shenmue 3

In a move that is kind of baffling Sony announced a kickstarter for Shenmue 3. I am not sure how I feel about this move but it happened and by time you read this the game will probably already be funded. Another long time wish from Sony ticked off.


Call of Duty Black Ops 3 was on display with the announcement that Sony now has the deal the Microsoft used to enjoy. Map Packs will come to PS4 first and so will the beta in August. The game looked like more CoD with a few refinements. Nothing to get super excited about but certainly something fans will be keen for.

Uncharted 4

At the end of the show Sony showed a good chunk of Uncharted 4 gameplay. After an unfortunate game lock up that is. Combat looked great with gunplay seemingly much improved and new leaping melee kills that add some verticality to proceedings. The game then moved onto a driving section which had multiple paths, a new thing for the franchise. In all it was a great trailer showing exactly what we want from an Uncharted game. No firm release date though.

The Rest

Sony also showed a bunch of trailers including Disney Infinity, new expansions for Destiny, Fire Watch and a collection of titles from  Devolver.



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