Windows 10 Rolls Out

Windows 10 Rolls Out

Well a new operating system is not something you would normally associate with important gaming news but Windows 10 is the exception to the rule. The latest edition of Windows has begun rolling out on PC’s all around the world as apart of Microsoft’s free upgrade program for Windows 7 and 8 users. But the best news for gamers is that it seems that Microsoft have kept you in mind when designing the new OS which is a nice change.

The new OS includes an Xbox app that will allow users to stream games from their Xbox One to their PC, play cross platform games such as Fable Legends and access all your friends and followers. Windows 10 also includes a built in DVR for recording game footage, native Xbox One controller support and most importantly Direct X 12. For the first time ever a computer OS seems like it has had gamers in mind from the get go, especially those who game on both the PC and Xbox One.

Reports from preview program users and almost universally positive so it could be well worth installing the OS as soon as it arrives, which for most of you should be any day now. Stay tuned for more info on Windows 10, especially regarding the Xbox live integration, once we have had a good chance to play with it.

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