Go for Pro – CS:GO Winter Cup

Go for Pro – CS:GO Winter Cup

A few weekends ago ACT residents were treated to, easily one of the biggest CS tournaments in Canberra’s history. Over the course of three days, many headshots were had and the victorious held their heads high with every win.

After many hours of gaming it came down to two teams, Crimson Warriors and Versus.kt. Throughout the event, Crimson Warriors looked unstoppable with dominating victories one after the other. Until the finals that is. With come from behind wins and some shifts in momentum, Versus.kt were looking set to maybe cause the biggest upset of the weekend.

Sadly for them Crimson Warriors broke their rhythm and took control in each set to solidify their well earned victory with a high level of skill and team work!

We managed to catch up with Versus.kt RJ who took some time after the event to answer some of our questions, here’s what he had to say:

Versus.kt RJ

Adam – Firstly, thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer some questions for the Player2 crew and give some insight into the world of CS:GO eSports. Besides being a decent player to begin with, what kind of preparation did you and your team do in the lead up to this competition?

Versus.kt RJ – Thanks for the invitation to do this! Since some of our players haven’t really played with one another, we played a few online games together as the LAN line-up to get used to each other’s play style. Pal and magician and I, have been playing in a team together for a few months now, so we were already used to each other and could technically carry our team in the strategy department

Adam – Even though you came off second best, your team was doing extremely well in the finals, where did you feel your team’s major strengths were?

Versus.kt RJ – Across the 5 players, there is a lot of experience with the game. Plex and odee have been around for more than 10 years (pLex also being in the original capital5 line up). Pal and magiciaN bring more experience from the newer counter strike games. So having all that experience meant that we all played very smart and the frag button and kill feed took a beating.


Adam – Alternatively, where do you think you guys can find some improvement?

Versus.kt RJ – Should’ve played together a lot more and solidify the chemistry.

Adam – There was a lot of good sportsmanship going on during the finals, is this the norm for competitions such as these?

Versus.kt RJ – Oh yeah, definitely. Although, usually there is A LOT more banter (as friends of course), but since there are more people attending (most of them we aren’t familiar with), a lot of the loud mouths stayed quiet for most of it.

Adam – It was nice to see some big name players come down to Canberra to compete at this event, are there any initial plans to maybe do another one of these events in the future?

Versus.kt RJ – Yeah! Jim (owner of the barracks) is planning on running a major comp every season. So the next big event is the Barracks Spring Cup in a few months. I also hear that ACTGN is making a comeback, so that’ll be exciting. Hopefully, these events will entice other big teams from around Australia to gather in this awesome city. Chinky (Fred from capital5) is also running an online [kt] (kambra team) cup which I am keen to play, as well.

Adam – RJ, thank you for your time and best of luck in any further comps!

Versus.kt RJ – Thanks for having me!



A healthy reminder for you all, the DOTA 2 International is on RIGHT NOW! The finals will be on this Sunday (Australian date) and they’re always the most exciting to watch!

So go here: http://www.dota2.com/international/replays/ and catch up on what you missed and look forward to a write up about the event next time!

Adam Rorke

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