Go for Pro – Oceanic LoL

Go for Pro – Oceanic LoL

#IAMOPL – A run down on the Oceanic League of Legends Finals

With the lights dimmed, the crowds hyped and the stage set, it was time for the two best OPL teams to go head to head for the ultimate glory of being crowned Champions and earning their rightful place in the playoffs for worlds!

All eyes were on Chiefs, going undefeated in the Split 2 season, they seemed unstoppable, with every other team increasing in skill in each match, Chiefs never looked like they were in any doubt, completely steam rolling every competitor that came there way.

But Grand Finals have a nasty habit cracking even the hardest nerves of steel and I’m sure Legacy entered this match with the mindset that even though they were the underdogs, that they could steal victory.

Game 1

Chiefs went for an early win team composition with bad late game scalability. LGC tried to stall and drag it out late but failed with CHF’s brutalising starting and quick finishes. Swiffer did a great job as TF feeding RayDere (ADC) some solid kills.

At 25 mins the first big team fight of the game occurred and just like that, LGC were back in it with that strong late game team comp, maybe a bit ambitious from Chiefs.

Chiefs looking to play smart and divide and conquer with LGC trying to force the team fight and sadly for LGC they got what they wished for, Chiefs saw an opening to a team fight with LGC split up and in a heartbeat LGC’s team were demolished and Chiefs secured the win!

Go for Pro - Oceanic LoL

Game 2

LGC looked to be aggressive early with some lane pressure but it was Chiefs top lane that took the firt blood followed quickly by some near death experiences for both Solo Mids. Carbon using Nunu kept his roaming and secured a kill in mid lane against Swiffer.

LGC had some early dominance with superior lane roaming and taking control of mid and bot lane. Chiefs responded with some top lane dominance but slowly falling behind in the opening phase.

Chiefs came into the mid game strong with some nice grouping and proving their poke composition is a force to be reckoned with. But yet again, a late game would spell trouble for their team. LGC didn’t get this chance though as Chiefs, much like game 1, managed to seal the deal and secure the second game.

Game 3

Both teams came out ultra aggressive with blood spilled on both sides, but it was LGC who secured FB and took control early. LGC continued to push their advantage, showing Chiefs zero respect in the match.

Chiefs were finding themselves in all sorts of trouble, with LGC throwing everything they had at them, in a continuous bombardment of aggression and team synergy. Chiefs simply didn’t have an answer for any puzzle thrown their way in this match, and LGC managed to comfortably take this one, making the series 2-1.

Go for Pro - Oceanic LoL

Game 4

This was a game that was all about meta and correct character choices and Chiefs simply picked better than LGC. Everything about this game was standard and both teams were looking to take this game into the later minutes.

Both teams played exceedingly well but it was Chiefs, with their AOE pressure and tight positioning that defined the victors of this outcome.

And with that Chiefs were crowned the OCE LoL Champions and secured their place in the International Wildcard Tournament in Turkey. Chiefs never looked sloppy all season, they went undefeated in split 2 and nearly undefeated in the finals. A team of this calibre in the Australian teams is quite amazing, considering this is only the second year we’ve had a region to call home, congratulations to all teams who competed this year, next year will only be bigger and better!

Finals can be viewed here for those who missed them:


Follow up – IWC Turkey

To make their way to LoL Worlds, the Chiefs had to first take out all the other teams in the International Wildcard Tournament. The event which occurred a couple of weeks ago had a delayed start after technical issues forced the RIOT team to call it a day and fix up the issues.

All teams were looking solid at various points in the tournament, but only two teams remained, the Bangkok Tigers and OCE Chiefs, with each team to battle it out in a best of five.

Sadly for Chiefs this was not meant to be, going down 3-1 in what was an epic display of skill and teamwork on both sides.

So it appears this year, Australia didn’t get a team into Worlds but this is easily the farthest we’ve ever been and on an international level we’re starting to see some Aussies showcase the level of skill in eSports that we always knew we could show.

Bring on Worlds and bring on 2016!

Go for Pro - Oceanic LoL

Adam Rorke

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