Go For Pro – PAX LoLs

Go For Pro – PAX LoLs

eSports at PAX AUS – 2015!

If you dig eSports and are heading to Melbourne this year for PAX AUS, then you’ll be in for a pretty big treat. For the first time, ESL (the world’s premier eSports organisation) will be attending PAX AUS 2015.

There are going to be multiple games being played over the three day event but the massive stand out will be the Oceanic Regional Championship finals (scheduled on the Saturday) for SMITE!

The winning team will share a huge cash pool of $65,000 and then represent the Aussies on the world stage in Atlanta USA in January 2016 against the best in the world. It’s incredibly reassuring and exciting to see more and more opportunities like this in Australia / NZ as the memories of only a few years ago are all still fresh when the digital world seemed to be trying its best to ignore us.

Now all we need is for the NBN to get its butt into gear and we should continue to see the surge in popularity that continues to occur all over the world.


LoL News

Well it appears that the Team Immunity isn’t exactly immune from being banned. Reported over on Player Attack:


It has been alleged that RIOT has stepped in amid reports that the players in Team Immunity were not getting paid the minimum standard that is required. We at Player2 find this kind of news slightly disturbing and there have been instances of this occurring internationally as well, and we’d rather not see good / talented players being exploited in such a fashion.

It’s important to take note that the players themselves have done zero wrong and RIOT is working with them to continue playing in 2016 but under a different name. Respect goes to RIOT for stepping in and making sure that this kind of behaviour isn’t to be accepted in their professional leagues.

We at Player2 want to wish the very best to the players and hope to see them in 2016.


Got Worlds?

In some more exciting news, the League of Legends Worlds event is nearly underway, kicking off from October 1st (just in time for EBX, which we’re sure will be broadcasting matches at the venue).

Now I’m sure I could waffle on here with some details but it would appear RIOT have already done the hard work for me and answered all of your questions here:


Get your picks in now!


Adam Rorke


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