Vita on Life Support

Vita on Life Support

In news that will surprise no one it has been confirmed that there isn’t a single first party title in development for the criminally underloved PS Vita. All upcoming titles are being developed by third parties and as the hardware continues to struggle sales wise it is easy to see these drying up in the near future too. Can you hear that everyone? The bells are tolling for what I firmly believe is the best bit of hand held gaming hardware the world has ever seen.

Personally I feel that the reason for the Vita struggling and the 3DS flourishing is simple. Support or lack thereof. Sony gave consumers no reason to buy the hardware despite existing owners raving about it. In fact I find it hard to remember if Sony mentioned any Vita projects in the last 3 E3 conferences. With no new games from Sony’s impressive first and second party studios Sony basically signed the console’s death sentence.

Vita on Life Support
Gravity Rush: One of the best games no one has ever played.

In an ideal world we will see a price cut to both the hardware and the stupidly expensive memory cards because despite the lack of support from Sony I would still heartily recommend the Vita to gamers everywhere, especially if they have a PS Plus subscription. It’s hardware is unmatched in the hand held realm and with a tonne of bonus features like remote play for the PS4 and an ever increasing library of PSone classics there is plenty to keep everyone happy.

So while the Vita is on life support let’s remember all the fun it has given us  and pray it holds onto life for a little bit longer.

Vita on Life Support
Killzone Mercenary is arguably the best Killzone game and it was only on Vita

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