A Special Thanks

A Special Thanks

A little while ago I put the word out asking for donations for items that could be auctioned to raise money for the Terry Campese Foundation. I didn’t expect much but I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. Boy was I surprised with how everyone I asked came to the party. The generosity of these people made me proud to be in a small way part of the gaming industry. So below is a list of donations we received and the people everyone should be thanking.

Sony Playstation Australia donated a 1TB PS4

Razer and Surprise Attack donated an Orbweaver controller and a Nabi X activity band

5 Star Games donated 7 games for various systems

Ubisoft donated 8 collectors edition games for various systems

Player2 donated 5 games for the Xbox One and PS4

These donations were grouped into 4 separate auctions With the PS4 and 4 games being the highest earner going for a whopping $925

All up these items raised over $2000 that will go towards needy children in the Canberra/Queanbeyan region.

Once again thank you to all who donated it was an amazing effort.


Matt Hewson