Battleborn Gets Stats and Motion Comics

Battleborn Gets Stats and Motion Comics

The successful Battleborn beta has closed, bringing an end to the hacking and slashing, slicing and dicing of over two million players across the world. The beta offered up two Story Mode episodes, along with two Competitive Multiplayer modes and let gamers experience all 25 heroes we’ll see in the final game. The beta ran for a total of five bloody days, and in that time there were:

  • 1 million competitive multiplayer matches
  • 4 million story mode episodes played
  • 27 billion (yes you heard me, billion) shards collected
  • 17k litres of artificial blood spilled (this statistic may or may not be entirely made up).

Battleborn Gets Stats and Motion Comics

As a thank you to all the players who participated and made the beta great, May 3 will see the sharing of a SHiFT code, offering up three golden skins- so those who purchased the game will be able to redeem the code next week.

That’s not all that’s happening in the leadup to the game, however, with 2K and Gearbox Software announcing their partnership to bring everyone the Battleborn Prequel Motion Comic. The comic comes in three chapters, which will answer everybody’s question of “how the hell did we get into this mess?” Running The Numbers, The Rescue and No More Heroes are available for viewing now, and will lead up to the events that kick off in the action-packed Battleborn episodic campaign.

Battleborn launches on May 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and is rated M in Australia and New Zealand.

Jenn Christodoulou

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