An Inside Look at No Man’s Sky

An Inside Look at No Man’s Sky

Merely typing out the title is evoking in me a childlike sense of imagination that makes me want to dance a little jig. With 18 quintillion worlds to explore, each unique in their own way, it’s a mind-boggling concept that is getting ever closer to being actual reality.

To give you an idea of how big this is, a few quick calculations suggest that if you were to visit one planet in the game every second, it would take 5 billion years to see everything.

*breathing intensifies*

With their June release date being just around the corner, Hello Games and Sony seem pretty excited as well. Excited enough to release a few short, but neat insider videos. The first of which discusses the ideas and themes behind the art of No Mans Sky, whilst the second dives into the some of the origins and formation of its lore.

It’s been clear since it’s 2013 VGX reveal that No Mans Sky was going to look and feel like something pretty darn special. It’s pastel-like colours and potential depth paint a striking picture of a universe that I am very much looking forward to jumping into.

No Man’s Sky will be available on PS4 and PC from June 21st.

James Swinbanks

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