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Getting Twitchy – Charting Overwatch

Getting Twitchy – Charting Overwatch

We are back tonight to once again delve into the dark world of Twitch and bring you some gameplay from the latest titles. We are giving our dearest readers (i.e. you) the chance to tell Matt what to play.

Do you want him to play Uncharted 4 Multiplayer? 

Getting Twitchy - Charting Overwatch

Or Overwatch?

Getting Twitchy - Charting Overwatch

It is your call. You can let us know in the comments or on Facebook/Twitter. There is even a poll going on twitter incase you are too lazy to write words. So make sure you vote on what you want to see and tune into Twitch tonight at 8:30pm AEST to catch Matt dying whichever game is chosen. We will once again put the full stream up on YouTube to catch if you can’t make it tonight.

* The full stream is now on Youtube! Check it out


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