Go for Pro – BAM 8

Go for Pro – BAM 8

Let this weekend that just past mark a very special occasion. Yes, the very first certified CPT (Capcom Pro Tour) event in Australia! BAM is excellent every year but now it actually means a great deal more on the international scale of things. What this means is that the winners of the BAM SFV bracket will get points that allow them to qualify for the Capcom Cup, a prestigious tournament held once a year which only the very best in the world qualify for!

And BAM 8 didn’t disappoint! All the best Aussie gamers were present and accounted for and it also attracted four all-star international players from around the globe:

  • Momochi
  • Haitani
  • Mago
  • Xian

The SFV bracket delivered on all levels. Well known Australian players BKsama, Somniac, Toxy, Douli and Falco all made it out of their pools with Falco surprising everyone, taking out Xian’s FANG!

Go for Pro - BAM 8

The visitors showed everyone what they were made of though and went from strength to strength, dispatching all local competitors. Some notable matches though came from Falco and Somniac who really took it to the visitors, taking some games and Somniacs Bison nearly taking Xian completely out of the tournament in the loser’s bracket!

The finals came down to Momochi (Ken) and Haitani (Necalli). Momochi’s defence was looking a lot stronger this tournament and his offensive timing was on point, it reminded me a lot of how Daigo plays when he’s at the top of his game. Haitani wasn’t to be stopped though, after getting a bracket reset in a nail biter, he came back strong and took out Momochi and the first placed prize.

And because I’m such a nice guy, I’ll link you straight to the finals day so you can check it all out!

SFV wasn’t the only tournament on the day though. Thanks to the awesome people at NAMCO, BAM was officially given Tekken 7 to run a bracket on during the day! The Grand Final came down to Marimo-Howarang versus sukebe. Marimo had sent sukebe to the loser’s side in the winner’s finals but he fought his way back only go down yet again to Marimo!

Go for Pro - BAM 8

And we also had GooGie take out the MKX bracket, fighting back from losers to reset against Wazinator and then brutalise him 3-0 in the Grand Final!

And yes there were indeed many other games run on the day and the awesome people in charge made a lovely bracket page for all those interested in checking out the details:

The weekend looked like it ran quite smoothly and held a lot of hype for all those watching and playing. If this is a sign of things to come for Australian FGC Tournaments, I can honestly say that I’m quite excited myself.

Let’s go Australia! Let’s go!

Go for Pro - BAM 8

Adam Rorke

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