E3 2016 – Bethesda Conference

E3 2016 – Bethesda Conference 

Bethesda has just finished their second ever E3 conference and once again they brought out some big games and some big surprises. It was certainly a more exciting show than EA and had everything from classic games reborn to a girl having kittens every time The Elder Scrolls was mentioned. Certainly an exciting conference and one worth revisiting the highlights from.

– Bethesda kicked things off with a huge surprise. Quake Champions was announced. A PC exclusive team shooter very much in the vein of Quake 3. The game is being built by ID and has a very strong eSports focus from the get go. More info for this one at Quakecon in August.

– Next to get shown was Elder Scrolls Legends, a CCG that is coming to PC and phones this year. The biggest challenge this one will face is making it accessible and deep at the same time. Hearthstone managed it so it can be done. Fans of this sort of game should have a lot of fun with this one.

– Fallout 4 had a few announcements. 2 Workshop DLC packs, once based on contraptions and one based on building a vault. Both are certain to be favourites with people who get a kick out of tinkering in game. Then a quick trailer for the next story based DLC Nuka World. Nothing earth shattering but welcome all the same.

– Then Bethesda brought out the big guns, or should I say swords? Skyrim remastered for PS4 and Xbox one has been confirmed. The game certainly looks prettier and hopefully, it runs smoothly on console. It will also have mod support which means hopefully we get to shout a Randy Savage dragons on our consoles. The Skyrim Remaster will be coming on the 26th of October.

– The surprises kept coming with a new Prey game being announced. It seems there is little connection with the original Prey game so this may be a reboot for the universe. It is still an FPS but there also seems to be elements of horror in there. Aliens, weird experiments, and strange voices feature in abundance so this could be a game for Dead Space fans. No release date was given unfortunately but check out the trailer anyway.

– A few updates for existing games were also announced. A few new modes for Doom Multiplayer and some more DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. Fans of both games should check out the trailers but otherwise just keep moving.

– Bethesda then went on to announce two of their games coming to VR. Doom and Fallout 4 are both getting the VR treatment. I can imagine Doom being quite the vomit fest but Fallout 4 should be great. It is coming this year to the HTC Vive.

– Finally, they ended the show with extensive coverage of Dishonored 2. 3 separate trailers, a collectors edition, and some concept art. Honestly, it looks sensational and I am super keen to get my hands on this one. Check out the trailers below and get hyped for the November 11 release.

That concludes the Bethesda conference. One thing is for sure and that is Bethesda is going from strength to strength. Stay tuned for the remaining conference wrap ups tomorrow.

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