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Mafia 3 – Gameplay Reveal

Mafia 3 – Gameplay Reveal

I have made no secret of my anticipation for Mafia 3. I have always thought that while it had its problems Mafia 2 was horribly underrated and everything I know about Mafia 3 tells me that this is going to be even better. I think setting a game in a New Orleans type city during the late 60’s and its racially charged atmosphere is inherently interesting and I can’t wait to experience.

Despite my love for the location and time period I still had some reservations but after checking out this 22-minute gameplay reveal trailer I can safely say I am sold. I want this game now. I want to be cruising through the streets in a dodge charger listening to Hendrix and CCR while hunting down the Italian Mob.

Check out the gameplay below and get excited. I honestly think this one is a dark horse for GOTY honors.

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