PC Gaming Show Highlights – E3 2016

* Due to the scheduling of the PC Gaming show clashing with Ubisoft we couldn’t cover the show in the same way as the other conferences. Thankfully Matthew managed to watch a good chunk of it and has put together his highlights from what he saw.

PC Gaming Show Highlights – E3 2016

Killing Floor Incursion – This VR take on the popular PC team based first person shooter looks absolutely terrifying, the monster design is already unnerving before you add in virtual reality.

Tyranny – A new IP from industry darlings Obsidian, an isometric RPG in the vein of Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate. It asks the question “What if evil won?” as you play as a member of the current world order.

Arma III: Apex – More content for one of the most competent military simulators on the market.

Overland – A high-risk reward turn based game with a beautiful art style.

Duel Universe – One shared world with a healthy mix of No Man’s Sky and Minecraft. All ships and constructions are player made.

Halo Wars 2 – Announced at the Microsoft trade show but again presented here to make sure the players knew that PC support was not an afterthought for this sequel of a console-only game, looks like it could scratch an itch for fans of Starcraft.

Day of Infamy – A new shooter from the creators of Insurgency looks like it could be a great title to play with friends, those Scottish accents though.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare – Chivalry with magic, enough said.

There were undoubtedly more great games on show but these are just the ones that caught Matthew’s eye in the time he had watching the show.

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