Telltale brings Bats and Zombies to E3

Telltale brings Bats and Zombies to E3

Among the almost overwhelming blasts of information that is the annual E3 presentations, we get news that didn’t quite make the stage time. Today during the conference Telltale confirmed two different projects: The third season to the award-winning The Walking Dead series and a new take on Batman in the studio’s signature style.

The Walking Dead will be spiced at as a new character will starring alongside series protagonist Clementine, introducing Javier who the team’s Job Stauffer described “He’s been through a lot and he is central to this story. He is absolutely important to what’s going on.”

Batman was confirmed to be released on a season pass disc and take the episodic form of previous Telltale endeavours.  It will follow the life of Bruce Wayne just as much as it follows the caped crusader’s nightly activities. Troy Baker will be voicing the Bat so we can expect an exceptional performance.

You can catch episode one of each game later this year.

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