News Bites – Saturday the 23rd of July 2016

So much news to share in so little time. That is where the Player2 News Bites comes in. All the hot topics in small easy to chew pieces.

News Bites – Saturday the 23rd of July 2016

– Hipster Whale, Australian creator of mobile hits Pacman 256 and Crossy Road have taken another step towards world domination with the announcement that they are moving into games publishing. The team will focus on using their success to publish other mobile titles, hopefully pushing more Australian developers into the mobile top 10 charts.

News Bites - Saturday the 23rd of July 2016

– Sega has decided to give Sonic one more shot at the limelight with the announcement of Sonic Mania. The game, developed in part by Australian Christian Whitehead, will feature 16bit styled graphics, brand new and remixed classic levels and the ability to play as Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. It is pretty much the last throw of the dice for the spikey blue speedster so let’ss hope it is a good one.

– At the mania of Comicon, Netherealm studios have announced 2 new characters for their upcoming superhero brawler Injustice 2. Wonder Woman and the Blue Beetle are now slated to join Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Aquaman, Atrocitus, Supergirl, and Gorilla Grodd in a battle for humanity, the earth and perhaps even a nice Sunday Roast. Injustice 2 is slated for the Australian Autumn 2017.

– In somewhat upsetting news a man has been charged by police after a series of death threats directed at Overwatch creators Blizzard. The man, one Stephen Cebula of Sacremento, has been accused of threatening the lives of Blizzard staff members including one threat to visit the acclaimed developer’s office with an AK-47. If found guilty the man could face up to 5 years prison.

News Bites - Saturday the 23rd of July 2016

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