The Weekly Wrap – 27th of February 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 27th of February 2017

This time of year has been absolutely crazy for games releases. I can’t think of another year that had this many high-quality releases in the first few months. This week is no different with reviews of both Sniper Elite 4 and Tales of Berseria hitting the site. We also had a look at how Pokemon Go changed Paul’s life and Matt’s love for Alice: The Madness Returns.

All of this along with our usual array of videos, interviews and news reports to keep your gaming addiction going. So if you missed anything catch up below and make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel while you are at it.

Stay tuned next week as the big one hits…. The Nintendo Switch. We promise to get down and dirty with Nintendo’s latest experimental console.

A Chat with Funhaus
Patched 12 - State of Play at Platinum
Tales of Berseria - Review
Sniper Elite 4 - Review
How Pokemon Go Changed Everything
DICE 2017 Winners Announced
P2 Plays - Batman: Arkham Knight
ICYMI - Alice: The Madness Returns



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