Player 2’s Adventures in Andromeda

Player 2’s Adventures in Andromeda

When a game such as Mass Effect Andromeda is released it is something special. The franchise brings so many expectations from a rabid fanbase that we feel a traditional review wouldn’t do the game justice. So we have decided to give you all some personal stories of our time with the latest Mass Effect, stories that highlight our loves and our dislikes from our time with the game. Welcome to Player 2’s Adventures in Andromeda

In the table below you will find all of the stories from our time in the Andromeda galaxy. Our trials and tribulations with the Ryders will be all here for you to enjoy. Make sure you join us each day for a new adventure in a galaxy far far away and experience our journey through Andromeda.

That Familiar Feeling - Matt Hewson
Riding in Style - Paul James
No Room for Arseholes - Dylan Burns
Pathfinder - Sarah Ellen
A CO-OP Addiction - Matt Hewson

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