The Weekly Wrap – 14th of August 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 14th of August 2017

We are coming up on the crazy release season with a huge amount of (hopefully) high-quality games on their way. In preparation for this tidal wave here at Player 2, we have been on a strict fitness regime of multi-hour gaming sessions and a controlled diet of Red Bull and Pasta for energy. But enough about what is coming, let’s look at what is past.

This last week featured some great articles and gaming goodies. Paul served us all with a dose of news as well as new episodes of Patched and The Insider, Dylan talked about his move to the Nintendo Switch and Sarah review Death Squared. But perhaps the biggest news of the week is the announcement of the prizes for the 2017 Player 2 Charity Marathon. You should check out the list because it is rather impressive if I do say so myself. Remember the Marathon is only 2 weeks away.

So settle in and catch up on all the happenings from the Player 2 team and get ready for another great week of gaming.

Check out all the prizes and Donate!

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Patched 18 - Patched Updates
I've Made The Switch
Death Squared - Review
The Insider - Dragon Quest Builders 2
Player 2 Plays - Diablo III: The Necromancer


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