The Weekly Wrap – 16th of October 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 16th of October 2017

Things were a little quieter this week for the P2 crew, which is just as well because next week is PAX week. We all can’t wait to join in the PAX Australia fun and get the lowdown on the latest indies and triple-A titles that are about to hit our gaming rigs. But just because it was quiet doesn’t mean we were lazy, we still brought plenty of goodies for our readers to digest. Matt took on Stardew Valley on the Switch and thought long and hard about the behavioural ramifications of lootboxes, Sarah snuck into EB Expo 2017 and got her hands on some great game previews and of course, there was the usual dose of video entertainment from the crew.

So catch up on all the P2 madness below and get ready for PAX week people, we can’t wait and make sure you keep an eye out for the Player 2 T-shirts, we would love to say hi!

Lootboxes and Worrying Behaviour
Patched 20 - Patched Updates
Four Fantastic Demos from EB Expo '17
Stardew Valley - Switch
The Insider - Microtransactions
In Case You Missed It - Bastion
P2 Plays - Dungeons III


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