Player 2 Plays – Darkest Dungeon

Player 2 Plays – Darkest Dungeon

This week’s episode of Player 2 Plays came about thanks to the very cool Humble Care Package Bundle. This bundle includes a tonne of great games that deserve your attention. One of those games was a title that has a huge following but Matt, up until this point, never got a chance to play it. That title is Darkest Dungeon and Matt decided to film his first steps into this the depressing, yet addictive, rogue-like for your viewing pleasure.


Stay tuned for more “Player 2 Plays” next week and if you have any suggestions for what the Player 2 crew should play, don’t be shy and let us know! Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more great original content and every new game trailer we can get our hands on.


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