Double Kick Heroes is Bringing Metal to Early Access

Double Kick Heroes is Bringing Metal to Early Access

Part shoot-em-up, part rhythm game and all Metal, Double Kick Heroes is perhaps both the strangest and coolest idea for a game I have come across in quite some time. Players take control of a group of headbanging teenagers as they hit the road and take on a host of Grindhouse inspired monsters with the best weapon ever, Heavy Metal.

The game features 30 brand new metal tracks and the ability to import your own music which, as anyone who has played Audiosurf will tell you, is super cool. There will be community created tracks, leaderboards, customisable automobiles of destruction and the promise of the most devil horns raised since Brutal Legend.

Double Kick Heroes is coming to early access on April 11th and will be a game that I keep a close eye on. In the meantime make sure you check out all the trailers, they are well worth your time.

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