The Weekly Wrap - 26th of February 2018
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The Weekly Wrap – 26th of February 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 26th of February 2018

The games just keep rolling in. We haven’t been flooded with Triple-A but there have been some fantastic smaller titles released that Player 2 has been more than happy to cover. This week Dylan spent a Night in the Woods, Matt took on the might of Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, Anna went back in time with Lost Sphear, Paul spent his spare time with the Secret of Mana remake and Jenn snuck into the Bandai Namco Sydney office to get some hands-on time with Ni No Kuni 2 and Soul Calibur VI. Phew.

All of this was joined by the usual dose of videos and news so there is plenty to catch up on this week. So get up to speed on the stuff you missed below and get ready for another great week at!

P2 Plays - Super Lucky's Tale
super lucky's tale
Night in the Woods - Review
Night in the Woods - Review
Patched - Nintendo Labo
Patched #26 - What Can Nintendo IP Can Work With Labo?
Ni No Kuni II and Soul Calibur VI - Preview
Ni No Kuni II and Soul Calibur VI: Hands-On Preview
Get Ready for the ONRUSH
Lost Sphear - Review
Lost Sphear - Review
P2 Plays - A Hat in Time
Player 2 Plays - A Hat in Time
Secret of Mana: Remake - Review
Secret of Mana Remake - Review
Double Kick Heroes coming to Early Access
Double Kick Heroes is Bringing Metal to Early Access
P2 Plays - Mario + Rabbids
Player 2 Plays - Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
The Insider - EA Remasters
The Insider #33 - EA Remasters. Which Is Next?
Civ VI: Rise and Fall - Review
Civilization VI Rise and Fall: An Experience for Existing Fans Only
P2 Plays - Secret of Mana Pt 6
secret of mana
P2 Plays - Sky Force Reloaded
Player 2 Plays - Sky Force Reloaded


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