The Weekly Wrap - 2nd July 2018
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The Weekly Wrap – 2nd July 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 2nd July 2018

The quiet release period has hit and there is not too much going on in the world of gaming. That hasn’t stopped the P2 team from pumping out the goodies though. Matt took on the arcade racing of The Crew 2, Dylan checked out hero shooter Paladins on the Switch and Chris got creative with Cultist Simulator. We also highlighted Aussie developed horror title Isolation and had quite a few videos go live. Yes, it might be a quiet release time but there is more than enough to satisfy your gaming urges on Player 2.

So catch up on everything below and strap in for another great week on Player 2.

P2 Plays - Yoku's Island Express
Player 2 Plays - Yoku's Island Express
Crowdspotting - Infliction
Crowdspotting - Infliction
Paladins: Champions of the Realm
Blockbuster Gaming - Paladins: Champions of the Realm - Switch
P2 Plays - Road Redemption
Cultist Simulator
Bring Your Occult Fantasies to Life with Cultist Simulator
P2 Plays - Mechwarrior Online
Player 2 Plays - Mechwarrior Online: Part 7
The Crew 2
The Insider - Playstation Crossplay
The Insider #64 - Playstation Cross-Play - A Solution Inbound
P2 Plays - Snake Pass
P2 Plays - A Journey to New Vegas #5
Player 2 Plays - A Journey to New Vegas: Part 5

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