Patched #78 - Katana Zero & Australian Games Censorship

Katana Zero Reclassified for Australia

Katana Zero Reclassified for Australia

Recently we broke the news that Devolver Digital’s ‘Katana Zero’ had been refused classification in Australia, failing to overcome our own dreaded Australian Classifications Board. Today, we can report that this situation has been rectified, with word coming to us from our local PR representative who handles Devolver Digital products that Katana Zero has been reclassified in Australia, with an intended local release of before the end of the month.

Details of a specific release date but the game has received at R18+ rating due to “high impact drug use”, as soon as we find out more you can be sure that we’ll update this piece with all other relevant details. In the meantime, why not check out our full review of Katana Zero here:

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