Devolver’s “Nintendo Direct” Reveals Four Zany Games

Devolver’s “Nintendo Direct” Reveals Four Zany Games

Indie publisher Devolver Digital’s satirical E3 press conferences have a well-deserved reputation for being completely off-the-wall batty – they haven’t disappointed in 2019 either.

This year’s effort saw a Nintendo Direct-inspired presentation showing off four wildly different games while taking a swipe at the games industry and corporate culture at large.

Fall Guys (PC, PS4)

Developed by Mediatonic, Fall Guys is an adorably novel take on the battle royale genre, pitting 100 players against one another online in a series of competitive and cooperative challenges until a winner is crowned!

Fall Guys will feature physics-based hilarity as you navigate through increasingly mayhem-filled challenges and obstacle courses, plus the all-important outfit customisation.

It looks very cute and silly, which is more than enough to keep an eye on for its 2020 release.

Devolver Bootleg (Steam)

From Doinksoft, Devolver Bootleg at first appeared to be part of the press conference’s comedic theatre, but it’s an actual game compilation ripping off eight of Devolver’s titles. Enjoy well-known Devolver classics such as Hotline Miluwakee and Ape Out Jr. that definitely do not closely resemble popular retro games, no siree.

Oh, by the way, Devolver Bootleg is out now on Steam – hurry now to grab it at a 1% launch discount, $7.42AUD.

Carrion (PC, Console)

Billed as a “reverse horror” game where you play as the monster escaping from a facility, Carrion from Phobia Game Studio is a 2D action-platformer game where the goal is to devour all who stand in your way.

Not much more is known about Carrion, including what consoles it will release on, but you can enjoy a spine-tingling trailer of the amorphous being making a bloody mess.

Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead (Arcade Cabinet)

Arguably the most novel of Devolver’s 2019 E3 announcements, Dodge Roll has teamed up with Griffin Aerotech to create a genuine standing arcade cabinet for a standalone Enter the Gungeon arcade shooter experience with House of the Gundead.

Unfortunately, I do not have a spare $4,999USD in my other pants, which is really the only factor preventing me from getting this. I don’t care that I have no room or practical use for an arcade cabinet – I just want it, dammit!

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