The 2019 Ubisoft E3 Conference Summary

The 2019 Ubisoft E3 Conference Summary

So Ubisoft took to the stage this morning and after the last couple of years, expectations were high. Sadly it just wasn’t at the same level this year with not much in the way of gameplay for new titles and a lot of time spent on DLC. There was one notable exception and that was the first game on show. Watch Dogs Legion.

  • Watch Dogs kicked off the show with a huge bang. You really can play as anyone in a severely stuffed up London. Cockney Gangster guy, sassy tech lass, killer nan, whoever you want. All voiced, all individual. It was some seriously impressive stuff. A release date of March 6 was also given out with a tonne of gameplay footage. For mine, it is almost game of E3 so far.

  • Next up was the announcement of a new TV show (this is E3 right?) from the creators of Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia. It is called Mythic Quest and looks to be a game dev version of The Office. Strange reveal, to be honest.

  • Ubi then kicked in with the latest season of Rainbow 6. More info on new operatives, maps and the like. I am continually impressed with how Ubisoft supports their titles, years after release.

  • A quick one next, Adventure Time and Brawlhalla combined. Jake, Finn and Princess Bubblegum are coming to Ubi’s F2P brawler. One for fans only.

  • We then got a deeper look at Ghost Recon Breakpoint. John Bernthal joined us to talk about his role in the game (with his dog for some reason) and basically look like the toughest dude on the planet. Wasn’t much in the way of gameplay but I think we all know what Ghost Recon looks like at this point. I am keen for this one, if they can refine the weak areas of Wildlands it will be a cracker.

  • I am going to float over Just Dance and the Tom Clancy mobile game and move straight into a new game announcement. Rainbow Six: Quarantine. A 3 player co-op game that puts the players against a nasty environment. PvE all the way so it is very separate to Siege. Only a tease with no gameplay though so it is hard to get proper impressions.

  • The Division 2 was next with their release plans for this year’s content. There is a lot coming so fans should have plenty to keep themselves busy. The base game is also free for the next few days so if you are interested make sure you dive in and give it a go.

  • I am also skirting past the subscription service because I want to talk about that in more detail at a later date, so we now hit the rollerball game that leaked before the show. Roller Champions. It is going to be a F2P futuristic sports title that looks like a lot of fun and is really putting off Rocket League vibes. The E3 demo is downloadable from Uplay right now so you can give it a crack if you like.

  • Finally, we got a new game tease called Gods and Monsters. No gameplay again but a very cool art style and a Feb release date. Strange that there is no gameplay this close to release but again I wonder if studios are holding back for a bigger splash at Gamescom.

That is it for Ubisoft. I am sure you will agree it lacks the punch of previous years and still no Splinter Cell. Fingers crossed for a Sam Fisher return next year I guess.

Catch all of our E3 coverage at our E3 Hub and stay tuned for plenty more over the days to come. 

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