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The Insider #117 – EA’s Surprise Mechanics

The Insider #117 – EA’s Surprise Mechanics

Loot boxes are “Surprise Mechanics” and aren’t dissimilar to Kinder Surprise, Hatchimals and LOL Surprise (whatever that is). This insanity is coming from EA in response to the suggestion that loot boxes are a form of gambling. It’s given Paul all the ammo he needs to launch into a new episode of The Insider.

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  1. I don’t know which is more amazing – that these company reps are so out of touch or that their respective companies chose them to represent their companies in front of Parliament. Additionally, I read that Canon Pence, general council for Epic, said, “it was inaccurate to define Epic as a company that makes money from people playing its games.” What?! He further went on to say that Epic doesn’t track, therefore doesn’t know, the ages of its Fortnite players – prompting the committee chair, Damian Collins to say, “If I was a parent who was concerned about my child’s use of Fortnite, I think listening to your testimony would not give me any encouragement at all that this was an issue that you cared about.” !!!

    How these large companies could so readily shoot themselves in the foot boggles the mind!!

    1. Thanks for leaving your feedback! Yeah this whole scenario is absurd and whilst EA is the highlight, as you say, plenty of others are putting their foot in it

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