Come scare the crap out of Player 2

Come scare the crap out of Player 2

Are you the kind of person who enjoys wallowing in other peoples fear and misery? If that’s a yes then boy oh boy do we have a Twitch channel for YOU to watch! We made a bet last week that if we got above a certain number of viewers on our stream, that we’d do a Scary VR stream … long story short, you guys nailed it and now we have to hold up to our end of the bargain. Come to our Twitch channel for all of the spooky action. 

The Game – Affected: The Manor

Time – Wednesday 8:00pm AEST

All Follows, Subs, Donations, Raids and Host alerts have been replaced with wonderful noises that would scare most people on a good day (before you throw them into a horror VR game that has them on edge). So please, do join the others in our community, pop in, say hi and enjoy watching someone do something that you’d rather not do yourself … what can go wrong?

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