The 2019 Player 2 Charity Marathon is Coming

The 2019 Player 2 Charity Marathon is Coming

It is that time of year again, the time for the Player 2 team to huddle round in Hewso’s back yard, play some video games, eat some food, have a few beverages and raise money for the Terry Campese Foundation. The 2019 Player 2 Charity Marathon is coming and this year there have been some big changes that we are sure will make it bigger than ever.

The first change is that our Editor, Matt Hewson has joined the Board of the Terry Campese Foundation. This means he will be working directly with the foundation’s resources to ensure this is the best Marathon yet. The next change is our goal. Last year we raised $4329 for the foundation so with that in mind we are aiming at $4000 this year. What is even better is we have a set target for a reason. After talking with Queanbeyan Hospital we have decided that if we can raise $4000 we will be purchasing 2 X GAEMS Vanguard Systems, 2 X Consoles and 2 X Android Tablets for use in the Hospital’s Pediatric Emergency Department. I am sure any parent who has had to visit a hospital with their child can tell you how hard it is for kids to sit and wait for hours in Emergency under observation or while waiting for test results. If we raise enough we will be also purchasing one Vanguard and one console for Braidwood hospital.

Matt Hewson – Editor of P2 and TCF Board member, Kassandra Packwood – Acting Health Service Manager and Terry Campese – TCF Founder at Queanbeyan Hospital’s Pediatric Emergency Unit

For those that don’t know, the Terry Campese Foundation’s focus is on the disadvantaged from the Queanbeyan/Southern NSW areas. Over the past two years, the Player 2 Charity Marathon has raised over $8000 for the foundation, with that money going to help with crisis housing, break-the-cycle programs for disadvantaged youths and supplying those in need with a hearty Christmas meal.


So stay tuned, the Marathon is coming on the 2nd of November and we will have tonnes of announcements and competitions in the lead-up. You can join the Facebook event here if you need reminders and if you would like to see just some of the good things the TCF is getting up to make sure you head to their Facebook page or Twitter account. If you would like to see what we got up to last year, the entire event is in the YouTube playlist below.

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