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Dev Diary #39 – DS Choi (KartRider Drift)

It is a tough time to be online right now. We are watching as a whole race rises up against the systematic oppression they have experienced for years. It is hard not to be upset and the urge to help is strong. If you are in Australia you may feel like helping is too hard, the distance too great. Player 2 would like to remind you all though that Australia is by no means innocent. Indigenous Australians have been victimised and silenced by ingrained systemic racism and police brutality for generations. We, as a nation, have treated them in such a bad way for so long their voice is no longer even acknowledged let alone heard. So helping starts at home. Write to your local state or federal MP. Donate or assist a charity that works with the Aboriginal community. Educate yourself about the traditional owners of the land you are now sitting on. These are just some of the small but important steps each and every one of us needs to take to make Australia and, by extension, the world a better place. Player 2 would also like to say it is important to recognise all marginalised voices in this country, from the LGQBT+ community to disabled Australians to other minority ethnic and refugee groups, and work together to make this a truly equal place to live.

Dev Diary #39 – DS Choi (KartRider Drift)

DS Choi fell in love with the likes of Mario Kart at a very early age, so it’s not necessarily a massive surprise that after making the move from Korea to the United States that a Kart riding game is right up there amongst the games he was most eager to develop. DS joins Paul for the latest entry of Dev Diary to talk KartRider Drift, the gaming scene in Korea, and packing it up all to expand his career in the West!

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