Day of the Devs 2021

Day of the Devs 2021

Day of the Devs hosted by Double Fine is usually an in-person event, but this year those of us who can’t make it are lucky enough to share in the experience of an incredible lineup of indie games from around the globe. Not gonna lie, basically, every single one of these games looks like an absolute banger.


Axiom Verge 2

The seminal throwback Metroidvania is back for another go-around with even greater pixel art than its predecessor. Barring any late delays, the game is due out within the next few months.



A heartwarming B&W photography game played from a top-down perspective before zooming down into first-person for photo taking. Due out before the end of 2021.


Phantom Abyss

First-person asynchronous multiplayer dungeon diving roguelike. You only get one chance per dungeon layout to nab the treasure, all the while seeing the ghosts of others who’ve already laid their lives down in the attempt. Should be out in early access this month.


Garden Story

Cute ass top-down RPG where you play as a sentient vegetable helping out those around town. Zelda like in its design and heart. Release date is set for sometime during 2021.


Soup Pot

A sim-like cooking game about experimentation in the kitchen. Not only a fun time, the game gives a space for people to practice real-life cooking without wasting ingredients and burning the house down. Due out around August 2021.


A Musical Story

An incredible looking interpretative rhythm game set in the free 70s with a story told solely through music. Out October 2021.



Impressive stop motion 2.5D puzzle platformer built with some really cool tech. Looks stunning. No release date has been officially announced as yet.


Road 96

First-person roguelike(?) road trip with a world of possibility in story deviation. Due out within the next few months.


The Wandering Village

A unique city builder on the back of a giant wandering creature. Different biomes bring new opportunities and challenges. Release date is TBD.



Anime inspired adventure/rhythm game. Damn this has the absolute coolest vibe. Get the demo Unbeatable: White Label now for free. Will be out when it’s ready.


Death’s Door

From Titan Souls creator, Isometric tough brawler as a bird. explorable puzzle world

Winter 2021 Release date will likely be revealed at the Devolver’s MaxPass+ Showcase tomorrow.


Behind The Frame

Gibli-esque art painting gaming made in Taiwan. Paint pictures in an apartment, with a few adventure game style puzzles in between story beats. 


Elec Head, Demolition Robots K.K and Walk

A rapid fire 3x announcements from publisher Asobu.

Elec Head: A 2D puzzle platformer with electricity-based puzzles. Coming later this year.

Demolition Robots K.K.: multiplayer mayhem reminiscent of Bomberman with mechs in cities.

Walk: Genuinely horrific-looking PS1 style horror game with intense visuals. Coming to Kickstarter later this year, so not out for a while yet.


Moonglow Bay

Blocky fishing RPG. Reminiscent of the underrated The Touryst in art style. Due out before the end of the year.


Loot River

The pitch is “what if Diablo and Tetris had a baby”. ApPretty good elevator pitch I must say. Top-down loot game with Tetris like bricks used for moving about the space. No release date has been announced.



A first-person game with an incredible art style. Play as a kid enjoying soccer in a park in Ecuador, backgrounded by an extremely personal local story. No release date has been set.


Last Stop

From the creators of Virginia comes this sci-fi story-based game with 3 main characters and an intriguing mystery at its heart. Published Annapurna Interactive. Coming July 22 2021.


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