Elder Scrolls Online Gets Hot and Saucy

Elder Scrolls Online Gets Hot and Saucy

Look, I love a good tie in. Match some seemingly unrelated product with a video game and I am probably going to be interested. But when the tie in matches both the game and my personal taste perfectly well I am all in and that is exactly what has happened with Elder Scrolls Online.

For those that don’t know, this year’s big ESO event is centred around Oblivion, Tamriel’s version of hell (for lack of a better description.) What matches with firey hell gates? Well insanely spicy hot sauce of course. Bethesda Australia has partnered with those crafty culinary creators at Melbourne Hot Sauce to come up with the “Hot Sauce of Oblivion”, a limited edition sauce that is sure to test your taste buds.

Elder Scrolls Online Gets Hot and Saucy

According to the PR blast: The ‘Hot Sauce of Oblivion’ is inspired by both the Imperial province of Blackwood and the Deadlands, Mehrunes Dagon’s plane of Oblivion. Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions and Habanero chillis combine with hints of mango and cider in this Daedric inspired concoction. Clocking in tongue-tingling 600,000 Scoville’s and 10/10 spicy score; this sauce rivals the heat of the Gates of Oblivion and should only be consumed by the bravest of heroes.  

Those looking to test their resolve and try this firey flavour can head to Wings in Tins in Darlinghurst and Dee Why to try the Wings of Oblivion from June 8. For those outside the Sydney area, well you can win a bottle of this extremely limited sauce through the Bethesda ANZ social media channels and…wait for it… Player 2!

Elder Scrolls Online Gets Hot and Saucy

Head here to enter our hot and saucy competition and in the meantime why not check out ESO Online. It is the perfect time to jump in and it’s available on Gamepass.

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