EPOS H3PRO Hybrid – The Ultimate All-Rounder

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid - The Ultimate All-Rounder

EPOS has fast earned a reputation in gaming circles as the provider of high-quailty audio products that meet or exceed expectations. They have built their reputation on these quality offerings in a relatively short time and now are considered by many to be one of the best suppliers of audio equipment in the market. With the release of the EPOS H3PRO Hybrid they have taken that one-step further and created one of the best multiplatform solutions available, one that should be at the top of any multi-system gamer’s wishlist. 

The H3PRO Hybrid is for intents and purposes a true all-rounder. Through its selection of multiple connections, it can be used on just about any device known to man. Through Bluetooth on your phone and Switch, though a lag-free dongle on your PC or through the 3.5mm connector on your PS or Xbox. This is truly a headset that solves the problem of having to have different sets for different devices. I can tell you, as I am currently living in a 1 bedroom cottage with 4 four people, this space-saving is not insignificant and is appreciated by my wife just as much as it is appreciated by me. 

All that connectivity means nothing if the quality isn’t up there, but fear not because EPOS delivers once again. On the music side of things, I put it through the range of my usual headset testing songs. Bass-heavy metal such as Du Hast by Rammstein and Rip & Tear from Mick Gordan’s Doom Soundtrack, heavy drum based songs like Slipknot’s Nero Forte and more traditional, treble focused thrash like Cowboys from Hell by Pantera and Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce all performed exceptionally well at all volume levels. There was no distortion, even in the deepest bass notes and everything came across exceptionally clean. 

On the games side of things, the performance of the H3PRO really starts to shine. It all starts with the adjustable 7.1 surround sound that can be managed through a handy app on your phone and a simultaneous Bluetooth connection. This gave me the ultimate control of all the channels and voice communication, allowing me to set things just the way I like it. It is an elegant solution that makes this headset adaptable to just about everybody. The second thing that makes these bad boys shine during gameplay is the active noise cancelling, which through the flick of a switch, ensures you are undisturbed by everyday background noises like power tools, passing traffic or nagging kids. It was just wonderful to experience titles like Resident Evil 8 and God of War in this way, titles that bring so much with their sound design that is missed on a standard set of computer speakers or 2.1 headset. The microphone, which is detachable, is of quite a high quality too and while not as good as a dedicated desktop microphone (which is expected) it is certainly good enough for in-game communication, Zoom meetings and Skype calls. 

Sadly, noise-cancelling comes at a cost. That cost seems to be battery life. EPOS advertises that you should get 30 hours of use out of the headset but I can tell you it fell far short for me and I feel that is because of the noise-cancelling. I found myself needing to charge my headset daily to ensure it was ready to go when I needed it because I couldn’t get two days of casual use out of it without needing a charge. That said, the headset did perform much better in the battery stakes when noise-cancelling was turned off so I guess you need to pick, charge daily or ditch the (excellent) noise-cancelling tech. As the headset charges with a standard USB-C connector, it isn’t a big impost to chuck them on charge when I was finished for the day, so I didn’t mind too much. 

The slightly annoying need to charge frequently is nowhere near enough to put me off this excellent headset. The fact I can use the one set for all of my systems and get such a high quality of sound is a blessing that I can’t stress enough. At a RRP of close to $400, the H3 Hybrid Pro isn’t cheap, but when you consider it has the potential to do the job of multiple headsets it isn’t an unreasonable pill to swallow. EPOS has once again put out a high-quality headset that sits firmly among the best that money can buy and you won’t go wrong in any way were you to lash out. 


Technical Data

Charge time: 2 hours

Operating Temperature Range: 50°F – 104°F

Storage Temperature Range: -13°F – 158°F

Range (line of sight): 49 ft.

Range (office use): 66 ft.



Product Dimensions: 3.54 in. + 7.20 in. + 6.93 in.

Product height: 6.93 in.

Earpad Size: 2.95 in. + 4.09 in. + 0.83 in.

Weight: 11 oz.

Cable length: 78.74 in.

General Data

Wearing Style: Headband

Colour: Black

Headset Weight: 11 oz.

Ear coupling: Around ear

Transducer principle: Dynamic closed

Compatibility: Mobile phone, PC / Soft phone, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Tablet, PS5

Total harmonic distortion: 0.35%

Warranty 2 years

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