Crossfire Legion Brings Back The Classic RTS on May 24

Crossfire Legion Brings Back The Classic RTS on May 24

The classic RTS in the vein of Command and Conquer and Warcraft has been a rare beast of late. Apart from Age of Empires 4, the genre has been starved of major releases for quite some time. Things are looking up however with Crossfire Legion getting ready to launch into early access very soon. For those that don’t know, Crossfire Legion is an RTS spinoff of the (seemingly not great) Crossfire FPS. But don’t let the reputation of the original title put you off, Legion has some serious RTS talent behind it, including a host of Command and Conquer developers. 

I was lucky enough to play a technical test of the game and can confirm it is looking like a true, old-school RTS title so fans of the genre should be excited. What’s even more exciting is the game is launching into early access on the 24th of May. The early access build will allow players to dive into the campaign’s first act in both single-player and co-op modes. There will also be multiplayer leader boards on launch for those looking to test themselves against other would-be commanders. 

I know I have said this before, but I am ready for the classic RTS to return and Crossfire Legion is shaping up to fill that gap quite nicely. I am looking forward to diving in and the early access model should give the developers all the information they need to balance and tweak the game to perfection. Look for more Crossfire Legion coverage on Player 2 when the game launches but in the meantime check out the latest trailer and some new screens to whet the appetite. 

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