FixFox – For Certain Tastes – Review​

FixFox - For Certain Tastes - Review

If you’ll allow me, I want to start this piece off with somewhat of a hypothetical. Have you ever been to restaurant you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about, sat down, and ordered their signature dish only to feel under whelmed with the whole experience? Not because the food was horrible or the service was lousy, but because the combination and composition of flavours just wasn’t in line with your pallet. In fact, you acknowledged it was, by all means, a wonderful dish, it simply wasn’t the dish for you. You take it one step further and let some of your specific friends know about this place because although its not your jam, you know some of friends would absolutely love it! I know this introduction seems vague and irrelevant but trust me, we’ll come back to that later and there will be a payoff.

FixFox is a top-down adventure game. Set in the future where humans have spliced their DNA with animals, whether it be because it was initially cool or for health reasons, you play the role of Vix, a SPACR employee who is tasked to go on a mission to a distant planet that needs urgent repairs. As is the story with most games of this nature, things aren’t entirely straight forward once you crash land and it’s up to Vix to figure out a way to fix everything and return home.

FixFox will have you collecting a range of whacky items, which you’ll be using to fix machinery or trade in order to solve simple puzzles and progress the narrative further. Now when I say simple, I really do mean simple. Throughout the game there wasn’t really any brain teaser that had my brain working overtime. Most of the time it was a case of going to place X, get item Y, go back to place Z and use said item to move the story forward. Rinse and repeat a few times and eventually you’ll be rewarded with the story revealing more and progressing further.

Now having a gameplay system that repeats itself in a circular fashion isn’t anything new for video games, hell even God of War did this! The thing you’ll find in this game though is that none of it feels overly rewarding or challenging. There are no moments in the story that truly stand out as overly engaging or interesting and because your character never has a chance of dying, there’s no gripping segments or levelling up of any kind. It’s an adventure game through and through and its never trying to be anything different.

Normally when reviewing a game that has me feeling like this, I’m making a list of criticisms and working out how I can articulate it into a semi-coherent ramble. But you may now recall my vague opener (see, I promised I’d get back to that). FixFox doesn’t feel like the game for me, because it isn’t a game for me. Being a father, I’ve turned to my ten-year-old, knowing full well the type of content he enjoys and the maturity level he can play up to. FixFox is a game for children, and it’s a damn good one at that! Suddenly the moral narrative and sub-text on being a good person, its simplicity, as well as its lack of challenge all made sense. This is a game that’s perfect for the younger audience.

With its adorable design and un-stressful gameplay, if you’re a parent with a child around the 8-12 mark, this will be a game they’ll enjoy from start to finish. It goes without saying that for the teens and above, there’s not anything here for you that you won’t find overly enjoyable. That in itself isn’t a bad thing, the developers know their audience and for that audience its very well made and a recommendation for parents with pre-teens.

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